Yosemite Tow Truck

This is simply a Yosemite with the tailgate removed and the bed replaced wit the one from the Tow Truck, it should be fully functioning as a tow truck an is fully SA-MP compatible

Original Models and Textures - Rockstar North
Combining - Guth3D

Simply replace the "towtruck.dff" and "towtruck.txd" in your GTA3.img with the ones included in this download using an IMG Editor like SPARK

Replaces - Tow Truck

Download Link

GTAGarage Page


2 comments on “Yosemite Tow Truck

  1. wonderful mod, but it doesnt handle like a towtruck.

  2. I was the one who requested this mod and I like the fact that I can do a reverse 180 in the thing. It has the handling of a yosemite and another car not the towtruck I know

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