Romain Grosjean Lotus E20 F1 2012


  • working suspension
  • moving steering wheel
  • Full Damage on wings
  • 2048×2048 HQ texture
  • diffuse lighting on steering wheel


  • Original Mesh and textures – F1 2011 (Codemasters)
  • Conversion to 2012 Model and Conversion to RFactor -Unknown (if you know feel free to contact me)
  • Model/Texture Edits and Conversion to GTA San Andreas – Guth3D
  • Steering Wheel CLEO Script – Izreli
  • Suspension ASI -Alexander Blade


To have the moving suspension and steering wheel, you NEEd CLEO 4, it can be downloaded here
to install the mod, replace the “hotrinb” DFF and TXD in your GTA3.img with the one in the download
to install the scripts, place the “steering.cs” into you SA Directory/CLEO, and place the “VehicleSpecialAbilities.asi”, “VSAconfig.ini”, “vorbisFile.dll” and “vorbishooked.dll”, into the root of your SA directory


Download Link


Please do not edit or redistribute without my permission!

4 Responses to Romain Grosjean Lotus E20 F1 2012

  1. KimsterIndo says:

    thank’s man, your formula 1 mods is tottally cool. i downloaded it all, seriously 😀
    anyway, the number 9 lotus is belong to Raikkonen, not Grosjean. Cheers 😀

  2. Jeistari says:

    Could you PLEASE, make the Kimi Räikkönen´s Lotus E21 (2013 car)? Here is a link to a website, where you can find photos of the new cars car:
    Please make sure it says “Kimi” next to the engines intake tube.

  3. Jeistari says:

    How is E21 going? You said a few weeks, but it seems you’ve been a bit busy. No hurries though, take your time

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