Sky Bus

This replaces the Shamal

The amazing SkyBus, an exciting new plane, made in 1 afternoon, by Krazy_Eddie(Guth3D) and Chong_McBong.

It consists of a Bus (from San Andreas) and a Shamal (from San Andreas), combined to form a crazy flying machine


Works perfectly in SA-MP and single player. no handling lines needed, just drop in the dff and txd files.
Rockstar for the original models.
Krazy_Eddie (Guth3D) for editing and joining them together
Chong McBong for the idea, diffuse lights and some tweaks

2 Responses to Sky Bus

  1. Faded says:

    Good job Eddie keep it up!

  2. Thommm says:

    It looks very aerodynamic! For one afternoon a good job Eddie and Chong!

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